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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. president obama back in the bay area. how he is appealing to donors tonight in san francisco as his poll numbers show his lead is slipping. the south bay workers most in need of a higher minimum wage. blocking chances at a small raise. >> not really cool, huh? >> gasoline prices calls for a federal investigation. what the experts say is working against our chances for relief at the pump. good everyoning, i'm dana king. >> we start with campaign 2012. president obama just wrapping up a brief bay area fund raising swing. he had already made a million by the time he got there at a small event across town. after that, he headed for a $20,000 a plate dinner party
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with 100 supporters followed by a concert for 6,000 more featuring musicians, john legend, and michael franty. it was the president who stole the show as he made his pitch for four more years. >> we are here because we have some work to do. we are here because we have an election to win. we are here because everything we fought for in 2008 is on the line in 2012. i'm going to need your help to finish what we started. >> this is the president's fourth bay area visit since may and like the others, it won't last too long. he leaves for ohio tomorrow morning. and as usual, the president's visit was not without protest. the antiwar group, world can't wait, rallied at un plaza this afternoon before marching to the civic center. protees torse protesters are
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angry. the animal advocacy group, peta, joined the protection. >> before the president arrived in san francisco, he made a stop for cesar chavez. the ceremony in keen, california, to provide some long overdue recognition. >> the president of the united states of america. >> president barack obama came to the place where cesar chavez lived and worked, chanting the old farm worker slogan of hope and perseverance. yes, it can be done and it was done at a place chavez named -- mr. obama named the creation of the cesar chavez national monument, a distinction he called long overdue. >> no one seemed to care about the invisible farm workers who picked the nation's food. but cesar cares. in his own peaceful way, he
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made other people care, too. >> the celebration was attended by chavez's family members, school children, and thousands of current and former farm workers. although obama wants to sure up votes in support for latinos in a tight presidential race, he resisted making this a political speech. >> he came this to honor the man. you know, and the legacy that cesar chavez left. >> although sha chavez was born in arizona, this place is where he did his most significant work, often working out of this very simple wooden house. the monoyou monument contains the old headquarters. this was the birthplace of nationwide boycotts, strikes, by the labor and civil rights leader from 1971 until his death in 1993. his office just as he left it is now a museum and the rose garden is chavez's final
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resting place. >> what do you think cesar would have said about this today? >> don't stop. we haven't finished. keep on going. work harder to accomplish more. >> the cause chavez fought for, warm worker rights and human dignity lives on. in keen, cbs 5. meanwhile, mitt romney's performance in last week's debate has given him a big bounce right past the president in one new national poll. a research survey out this afternoon gives the republican nominee a 4 point edge among likely voters. president obama had an 8 point lead in that same poll three weeks ago. romney gained ground in a couple key demographics. the pew poll shows he pulled even with the president among women voters. erasing an 18 point obama lead going into the debate. and the republican nominee is also doing better with younger voters. his popularity with the under 30 crowd jumped 10 percentage points in the days following
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the debate. romney is capitalizing on his post debate bounce, turning the tables on president's attacks on his foreign policy knowledge. the republican nominee told an audience at the virginia military institute that the president's leadership has been especially lacking in the middle east. >> it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. it's time to change course in the middle east. that course should be organized around these bedrock principles. america must have confidence in our cause. clarity in our purpose, and resolve in our minds. >> the obama campaign is dismissing romney's remarks as quote, saber rattling. aimed at covering up his own foreign blunders. and as campaign 2012 heats up, is holding a series of presidential forums online. the candidates answering our questions. tomorrow's topic, the role of
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government. big versus small. one of the most hotly contested local races is in san jose where there's a push to raise the minimum wage. it gets its import from low wage workers and labor groups. big money is being spent on defeating measure d. >> do i look like i'm worth $8? no. >> both sides are turning up the volume over measure d. the chamber of commerce released a 22 page report. bottom line, up to 2800 jobs would vanish. san jose's minimum wage went from $8 to $10. labor costs would go up. businesses would have to lay off or reduce worker's hours. since more than half the workers live outside of san jose, they would spend the extra income outside the city. >> if you add it up, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> mayor chuck reid is worried about spending $600,000 to hire
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inspectors. >> it will have to come from somewhere. should i take it from the police department? should i take it from the library? >> the california restaurant association paid $11,000 for the report. the main author denied any charges of bias. >> because people often come to these things with some preconceived notions. we do not. we come at it with a relatively sturdy frame work on how the world works. >> a gathering of labor and education leaders blasted the chamber's report just before it released. >> they'll put together one study that says minimum wage doesn't work. explain exactly why it's good for the people in our community. >> the chamber argues america's best university economists are wrong, but the study that they bought and paid for is the only one that is right. >> the doomsday scenario set the opponents of this measure
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put out there are just empty threats. the fancy is in the homes of the struggling families that are trying to make ends meet and failing. >> the chamber of commerce managed to raise a quarter million dollars. $276,000 to be exact. despite the hike, the labor unions generated 2/3 of that event. be sure to be one of the best races. >> the fbi joined the investigation into a grandmother. susie -- cbi reporter is live tonight where many of her neighbors gathered to remember. plies beth. >> well, ken, it's been a tremendous outpooring of support. friends and family gathered outside the home where her body was found friday night.
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this was the scene a little over an hour ago as hundreds marched behind coat's children and four children as they made their way to the individual. police say co was stabbed and suffered a blunt trauma to the head. a neighbor discovered her after she didn't pick her up at oakland support. >> a bunch of -- instead of calling the real name, i call him mommy, too. >> she's such a kind person and she did a lot of good things for people. >> the fbi is now working with the police department. they plan to let the family back into the home in the next couple of days to help with the information. they are hoping to find her
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miss car, a light blue outback. the family has set up a website and using social immediate y to help locate that car. the last time they had a homicide was back in 2010 and they have only had five homicides in the past eleven years. ken. checking only bay area headlines. >> suspended san francisco sheriff will learn his fate tomorrow. the board of sue veries will vote on whether to remove him from office. mirkarimi's guilty to a plea kexes ana domestic abuse case. makes him unfit. nine supervie veries have to move. >> a gunnel suspended hoarings. the delay will allow time for closed door negotiations on fines to be leveed against pg&e. the hearings will resume next
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week. the blast killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes more than two years ago. it's official, california gasoline prices are the highest in the nation right now. the average gallon is $4.74 here in san francisco. $4.68 in oakland and $4.67 in san jose. with prices going through the roof, cbs 5 reporter says there are now calls for a federal investigation. >> yeah. any word helps. >> that's a sampling of the reaction at this oakland gas station. governor jerry brown issued an order to issue the winter glass blend to be sold in the state earlfully in the wake of week's prices. >> i took the action that the state can. that means change blens. drive down the price. >> california senator weighed in as well.
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calling for a investigation into what she calls, malicious trading schemes in the california gasoline market. however, the university of california energy center says that it's unlikely a conspiracy is going on here by the oil company. what may be gouge on figures if they put less gasoline in the market, the prices will be higher. if that's the case, it will be difficult to defect and even if we did, there's no law against that. >> what about the system that allows it to be game as opposed to other states? >> we use a blend of gasoline not used anywhere else in the country. as a result, when we get into a supply program, we can't import gasoline that is used in other parts of the country to smell out that shortage. while the golf nor loved it, at
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this point, the public will take any relief they can get. >> four gallons. for $22.00. not really cool, huh? >> they are start to see it. well, pitching is any indication, it will be a while. in san francisco, cbs 4. >> a battered east bay community is cleaning up again. >> oakland has nevada problems. >> the left behind by protesters and mayor kwame's reaction. the latest growing score is helping. what police say about at potential. >> slipping from her harness. the punishment the operator is
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dreams it will make come true. ♪ with technology and style to match your achievements and desires. ♪ the question is where will your new es take you? ♪ introducing the all-new lexus es. ♪ seems to be the same every . and new at 10:00, the causes may be different, but the effect seems to be the same every time. windows smashed and buildings trashed by out of control protesters in oakland. cbs 5 reporter, kristen ayres got the latest take on violence and why there were no arrests. >> it was over before oakland police could react. an antiwar protest that started sunday in san francisco and descended on oakland. >> they hopped on the bart, came out here, marched around for twenty minutes, broke a few windows and went away. >> leaving oakland trashed,
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shattered windows, and a police recruiting office, paint splashed along the way. people who live here worry this type of vandalism is becoming downright routine. >> this is ridiculous. >> it makes me angry because oakland has enough problems. >> we don't deserve to have our city hall constantly battered by people for different causes. >> with taxpayers forced to foot the bill, it took $10,000 to replace the broken windows in time for today's oakland a's rally. money that mayor kwame could have used for other causes. >> $10,000 would be what i'm going to pay to put on a foreclosure workshop for this community. >> they will have an opposition, they should protest in the right way. >> the protest vandalism showed no signs of stopping. especially here, the birthplace of occupy oakland.
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toppled an antique city hall replica last january and burned an american flag. city hall has been damaged at least half a dozen times this year alone by protesters protesters. >> crews are working on the mess and patching up the windows. the mayor told me that some small businesses in the area are assisting police tonight and providing surveillance video to help identify some of those vandals. live in oakland, cbs 5. the deadly meningitis outbreak is expanding. more than 100 cases now. another death reported. cbs reporter, drew levenson on the most alarming news. 13,000 people may have been contaminated. >> the centers for disease control and prevention say people may have been linked to
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meningitis. it is causing concerns. for people like kelly, she takes shots to ease pain from a back injury. >> i'm just becoming abreath of the seriousness that can be related to this. >> the cdc reports new cases every day. 105 people in nine states are infected with the disease. most of the cases are in tennessee, michigan, and virginia. doctors expect the numbers to grow over the next few weeks. >> that period of time from the exposure, the on set of symptoms can be prolonged. up to a month, make longer. >> injections -- the conning center made and distributed the stir roads. after recalling the medication, the company adds a precaution, voluntarily expanded that recall to all of its other products. physicians are still contacting people who may have been
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exposed. symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, and fever. >> the importance of getting treated early is, it gives you a chance to infect infection before it causes too much damage. >> this is noted contagious and treatment is extense i have. cbs news. no doubt you saw the video. 81-year-old laverne everett slipping out of her parachute harness as he instructor has trouble holding on @ win. just as many gasps. the fbi is proposing a fine for the sky diving school for failing to securely fit the harness on the woman. everett calls the proposed punishment ridiculous. instructor saved his life. >> that i thinks changing for
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us tomorrow and wednesday. we'll discuss the forecast, not only by looking at the pyramid, but also by going back 100 years to birma, after a break. ,,
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tonight we are going to begin by going to oregon state university and some amazing research coming out of that institution. a moment frozen in time, 100 million years ago. something you may see commonly, but it's a fossilized spider attacking a wasp. at that moment on what is now the island of birma, tree resin oozed over it, froze it in the sap. the sap became amber. it's the oldest attack of a prey attack in a fossilized record. it's an amazing moment and it was just released today at oregon state university. it's an amazing site. you can get on their website and have a look. 58 degrees at concord right now. 57 at livermore and 60 degrees in san francisco. down to 53 at santa rosa.
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mostly sunny skies around the bay area, but we are mixing that mostly sunny forecast with a chance of a sprinkle or two. san francisco is going to push south and then move inland over big sir. when it does move inland issue the wrap around moisture could trigger a shower or two, but not much. the feeling tomorrow will be cool, but sunny. a few echos popping around the santa cruise mountains right here and that's about it. sew tomorrow doesn't look bad. temperatures come down a couple degrees. we'll have clouds move in late in the day and maybe a sprinkle or two. that would be it. really tomorrow you're going to look up and say what showers? that's going to be the question. there's only a tiny little chance. we have to make sure you are prepared. the extended forecast is calling for a sprits or two later. we'll go back to partly cloudy and things warming up.
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some a's player when tig a controversial kiss starts the minute. some of these players weren't happy with tigers pitcher, kiss the ball on the last out in yesterday's game. johnny hit that in the proper perspective now. >> one of our ace phares was in the hospital. another tested positive for steroids. some dude kissing the ball inbetween the lines isn't going to bum us out at all. g baseball gods, top of the
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1st, robinson cano arrives. it's going to try to score. >> he's out. he's out. >> what? >> safe. he was safe. >> you saw it. chris davis singles. baltimore wins 3-2 to tie the series at one. oh please. the national league, carlos beltran went deep twice. that series is tied at one. i knew i was going to get you on that one. you just wish the a's would win it tomorrow night. >> it sets up more drama. theater. >> you were given up on that. i love that baseball piece. >> i think i should ump that game. >> as in every play will be
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ours. >> we're coming back at 11:00.
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